We solve the tensions through sipping and collaboration

Tribute at The Shophouse 1527, Samyan Bangkok

An experimental architecture space, held for 24 months, where inviting people to emphasis and experience a local community of ‘Samyan Old District’ . Engaging people outside to visit the charm of local way of living with variety of art and design events.

Next Wave Of TEA Appreciation

Hi! TEA Ceremony by #WorkTeaPeople

Hi! TEA Ceremony by #WorkTeaPeople
With our strong vision to solve the tensions through sipping and collaboration..
Join us for our friendly first tea ceremony by #WorkTeaPeople where you could get neighborhood around cup of awesome tea.

This time, we blending a cult’ of tea into art and local connections. Come and experience new way of tea ceremony, with modern and neighborhood vibe.

At this ceremony, no matter you are tea people or not, you could immerse yourself to a moment of relaxation with Kyoto premium tea that you will enjoy valuable in its senses, regardless of what is contained in the actual tea.