Shop House 1527


Tribute at The Shophouse 1527, Samyan Bangkok
 an experimental architecture space, held for 24 months, where inviting people to emphasis and experience a local community of ‘Samyan Old District’ . Engaging people outside to visit the charm of local way of living with variety of art and design events.

Tea as a door to ideas, people, cultures

TEA drinking doesn’t have to be some sacred ceremony one solemnly enjoys on one’s own. We provide a social space for the like-minded to sit, sip and socialize while sharing their passion for the arts, the crafts, the TEA. A place to explore cultures and ideas that begin with just one cup.

The Shophouse 1527

Samyan Bangkok, Thailand

TEA Lationship

Tea as a reflection of your passion

If work is the lifeblood of one’s existence, tea is the closest thing that mirrors their passion expressed through the daily endeavors. We provide a space for people to experience the long, passionate journey they and tea both share.

Tea as your everyday drink of choice

We source a variety of tea, each with a unique story and from a different backgorund, to deliver a small cup that soothes, freshens, and even excites the taste buds, whether purely aesthetically, as a social lubricant, of for therapeutic purposes.